Vriman is a Dutch M&A/corporate boutique law firm for:


1.) financial investors who are looking to invest in small to mid-market Benelux based businesses, whether through buy-outs, joint ventures/minority investments or the roll-out of buy-and-build strategies


2.) corporate clients on all aspects of corporate life, including M&A, (minority) investments, joint ventures, general corporate law matters, commercial contracting, group structuring, and corporate real estate transactions


We combine first class legal advice with a practical, efficient and commercial approach.


We offer a one-stop-shop approach: whether it is antitrust, employment, finance, IP/IT, tax, environmental law, any area of expertise required for a particular transaction will be readily available.


We add “value” to deals and execute transactions – domestic as well as international – that are in the best interest of our clients.


We want our clients to achieve their goals. We are here to help.

Vriman wins “Best Dutch M&A Law Boutique” award at M&A Awards 2016


According to M&A Community: “The annual award is granted to the Dutch M&A Law Boutique which has shown to meet the needs of their clients by offering the same and even better quality of advice as the top tier law firms.”



We want our clients to achieve their goals by providing business-focused “Magic Circle Firm” quality in a creative and pragmatic manner at affordable rates.


  • We understand our clients’ business needs
  • We stand for quality in everything we do
  • We stand for responsiveness
  • We stand for affordable fees
  • We stand for our good reputation
  • We value long-term relationships with each of our clients
  • We take pride in the services we provide


  • One point of contact who advises you on all aspects of the matter
  • Full transparency on fees and flexible fee arrangements
  • “We build the law firm you need” – we work seamlessly across practice areas and across borders with our ”best friend” expert law firms by applying a one-stop-shop approach
  • Always solutions driven
  • Practice over theory
  • We get it done

What we do

We act for the buyer, seller, target or management. Since we service both buyers and sellers, we know what to say or do under any particular circumstance. Whether structured as a share or asset sale, organised as an auction or bilateral sale process – we have the legal experience and competence to get you there. We know what market practice is.

Venture Capital / Growth Capital


We advise both investment funds as well as start-ups in early stage and follow-on investments. We have successfully completed multiple seed financings as well as Series A, B and C follow-on transactions to the satisfaction of our clients.


Private Equity


We have extensive experience in advising financial advisors on a wide range of buyout deal types, secondary and add-on transactions, joint ventures and minority investments, and management incentive plans (whether structured through so-called STAKs or otherwise). The quality of our practice is best evidenced by the close continuing relationships we have built with our (international) private equity clients.
Furthermore, we work closely with our PE client’s portfolio companies advising them on add-on acquisitions or divestments and assisting in structuring management incentive plans.


Institutional and other financial investors


We advise institutional investors on co-investment transactions alongside private equity funds as well as strategic partners, whether structured as direct joint venture/minority investments in the target or indirect investments in PE-managed investment vehicles.

Joint ventures, alliances and minority investments can be strategic valuable structures for companies as well as financial investors, in particular where outside partners are better placed to provide specific market or business knowledge or financial resources.


We advise our clients on project-based joint ventures, new venture JVs and strategic minority investments. We have the experience and knowledge to best protect your deal specific interests as a shareholder, whether being minority, majority or 50/50 shareholder – common issues and pitfalls to consider relate to voting and deadlock, exit, transfer restrictions and restrictive covenants, such as exclusivity and non-compete arrangements.

General Corporate


We advise on all Dutch corporate law aspects, including share capital structuring, shareholder loans, dividend and other distribution policies and accounting law (jaarrekeningenrecht) matters.
Furthermore, our offering includes advising on vesting of security rights over Dutch assets.
We provide legal opinions within the context of M&A or finance transactions.


Corporate Governance


We advise financial investors as well as corporate clients and management, including non-executive directors, on all kinds of corporate governance matters, including advising on voting arrangements, director’s duties and liabilities, conflict of interest matters, board structures (one tier, two tier, shareholder committees) and setting up of board regulations and board committees.

We advise on a variety of commercial contracts, including procurement, management, manufacturing, supply, service level, maintenance and support agreement.


Prior to the formation of Vriman, Jan, Bas, Marius and Menno practiced as attorneys with one of the world’s leading law firms, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer.  Jan, Bas, Marius and Menno have together over 40 years of experience within the field of corporate/M&A law. They continue their proven successful teamwork within the entrepreneurial context of Vriman.

  • Jan D. Vriesendorp (LLM)
    Jan D. Vriesendorp (LLM)
Jan D. Vriesendorp (LLM)

Jan D Vriesendorp

Jan D. Vriesendorp (LLM)

  • Jan is a corporate lawyer with broad experience in M&A, joint ventures and contract law. Jan has successfully advised numerous clients in various (international) deal settings.
  • Jan was educated at Leiden University. After participating in a start-up and a short term engagement with a venture capital office, Jan started his legal career at Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer in June 2007.
  • Jan is fluent in Dutch and English. Jan is admitted to the The Hague Bar and is a member of the Dutch Bar Association.


T: +31 20 726 726 1
M: +31 6 53 173 301

E jan.vriesendorp@vriman.com


T:  +31 20 726 726 1
M: +31 6 53 173 301

E: jan.vriesendorp@vriman.com
For more detailed information about Jan please click on his picture.

  • Bas Mees (LLM)
    Bas Mees (LLM)
Bas Mees (LLM)

bas mees nieuw

Bas Mees (LLM)

  • Bas has a broad corporate practice and specializes in advising clients on M&A, including private equity transactions, as well as on restructurings, joint ventures and general contractual issues.
  • Bas was educated at Groningen University and Harvard (Corporate Finance). Bas started his legal career at Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer in February 2006.
  • Bas is fluent in Dutch and English. Bas is admitted to the Amsterdam Bar and is a member of the Dutch Bar Association.


T: +31 20 726 726 2
M: +31 6 1070 9142

E bas.mees@vriman.com


T:  +31 20 726 726 2
M: +31 6 10 709 142

E: bas.mees@vriman.com
For more detailed information about Bas please click on his picture.

  • Marius Ankum (LLM)
    Marius Ankum (LLM)
Marius Ankum (LLM)

Marius Ankum

Marius Ankum (LLM)

  • Marius is a corporate lawyer who has a strong focus on M&A, private equity, financial institutions and corporate real estate transactions.
  • Marius was educated at the Rotterdam University, the University of Hong Kong and the London School of Economics. Marius started his legal career at Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer in October 2006.
  • Marius is fluent in Dutch and English. Marius is admitted to The Amsterdam Bar and is a member of the Dutch Bar Association.


T: +31 20 726 726 3
M: +31 6 2049 5782

E marius.ankum@vriman.com


T:  +31 20 726 726 3
M: +31 6 20 495 782

E: marius.ankum@vriman.com
For more detailed information about Marius please click on his picture.

  • Menno Verboom (LLM, Msc)
    Menno Verboom (LLM, Msc)
Menno Verboom (LLM, Msc)

Menno Verboom

Menno Verboom (LLM)

  • Menno is an M&A transactional lawyer who has a strong focus on MBOs/LBOs, buy- and sell side as well as management side, and acts for both corporates and private equity.
  • Menno has obtained his master degree in Business Economics (Msc) as well in Laws (LLM) at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. He was also educated at the BI Norwegian Business School of Oslo and the London Business School. Menno started his legal career at Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer in February 2005.
  • Menno is fluent in Dutch and English. Menno is admitted to The Amsterdam Bar and is a member of the Dutch Bar Association.


T: +31 20 726 726 5
M: +31 6 13 512 520

E menno.verboom@vriman.com


T:  +31 20 726 726 5
M: +31 6 13 512 520

E: menno.verboom@vriman.com
For more detailed information about Menno please click on his picture.


Vriman advises a wide range of clients including large corporations, private equity houses, investment funds, family offices and start-ups. For an overview of our recent deals please see below. or visit:


Jan D. Vriesendorp: see mena.nl
Bas Mees: see mena.nl
Marius Ankum: see mena.nl
Menno Verboom: see mena.nl

Deal Value €
Anders Invest acquires Vitotherm < 5 million
Van Houtum acquired by Wepa Gruppe Hygieneprodukte 5 - 50 million
NIBC completes investment in Flinqer Undisclosed
Avantage (IT solutions and outsourcing) acquires Dutch ICT 5 -50 million
Anders Invest acquires Lagersmit Sealing Solutions from Rabobank Participaties 5 - 50 million
Anders Invest acquires majority stake in Kiekens 5 - 50 million
Equipe Zorgbedrijven acquires Hand Therapy 5 - 50 million
Baywa acquires Thegra Tracomex Undisclosed
Anders Invest acquires Bos Machines Undisclosed
Infineon Technologies acquires Innoluce (laser scanning technology) 5 – 50 million
Varo Energy acquires FIWADO from Total Netherlands Undisclosed
Stichting DOEN and other investors invest in BBOXX 5 – 50 million
AutoForm acquires majority stake in TriboForm < 5 million
EQT Ventures, Balderton Capital and Stichting DOEN invest in 3D Hubs 7 million
E-Luscious, a portfolio company of Gilde Equity Management, acquires
< 5 million
Thule Group acquires GMG (Yepp bicycle seats) 5 - 50 million
Foreman Capital acquires a majority stake in the Quoratio/Arvode
5 - 50 million
Anders Invest acquires majority stake in gAvilar 5 - 50 million
MBO Groeifonds invests in Le Credit Group < 5 million
Breed Reply invests in Connecterra (minority investment) 1.6 million
Stichting DOEN (Postcode Loterij) invests in start-up accelerator Rockstart Enterprises < 5 million


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